I notice..

I notice you struggle looking for something to wear in your fully stocked wardrobe because you have "nothing to wear". I notice you stand in the mirror with a dress on for 20 minutes then right as we are about to leave you change your mind. I notice you shop online and put things in your cart but don’t actually check it out. I notice you feel uncomfortable with your body and how you look on certain days and then on other days you have the confidence of Lizzo.

I notice you look at a piece of clothing at the shops and your eyes light up when I say “go try it on and if you like it, get it”. I notice you coming up with arguments in your head on why you should buy something before you even ask me and to your surprise I’ve already agreed. I notice you look at the price tag and then start to second guess your decision. 

I notice you go with little to no sleep because you want to better yourself for you and for your family. I see you laugh with and at your siblings. I notice you get protective over people you love. I notice you care for your mother and adore your father.

I was raised by many wonderful women. I was taught how to treat women with respect. I was taught women can tell a good man by the way he treats his Mum. One of the biggest things I learnt was not from what anyone taught me but from what I noticed about these strong women.

When Lizzie and I started dating I didn’t tick a lot of the boxes she had that she wanted in a husband. She later told me that all the qualities and attributes that I did have, she never knew she needed/wanted until we got married.

Yes there are a lot of men out there that don’t notice these things but for those that do, don’t put them in a bag full of bad apples. Keep them and love them because they notice all the little things that you think no one else does. 

I know some days are harder than others - we all have those days. Men might not say much but we do notice you. We notice your imperfections. We notice your wins.  We notice your losses. We notice everything.

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