A year in review.

Once Lizzie shared her dream and vision of L&G she went straight to work and that went on for months. She spent hours on end every day researching and gathering inspiration and ideas. Her camera roll had more photos of dresses than of us 🙄😂

We spent our afternoons after work going to wholesaler after wholesaler. We often got a dirty look, others wouldn’t even look at us and a lot would shoo us away. Some places we went to made us feel so unwelcome that we never went back. We eventually found some amazing wholesalers who made us feel welcome, apart of their family and wanted to see us grow.

We launched on the 14th of August 2019 in a small one bedroom apartment in Brisbane City on Hope Street. We woke up, made breakfast and made final touches on our website for launching it at midday. We launched and made our first mistake with a typo within minutes 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ I can’t remember what it was but it was the first of many, many mistakes. We were over the moon when we saw the number of people live on our website and kept going up and up and soon the orders were flooding through.

An hour into our Launch we got a call from the Realestate that our application was successful for a town house with BUILT IN SHELVES in the garage which was perfect for our growing business. We went from buying a size run (one of every size) to now having our own quantities and dresses in  production.

We moved into our new house and had room to grow. We’ve shared some highs and lows. We had launches where we wouldn’t sell a thing to launches where we would sell out of everything.  I remember telling a friend of mine that our goal/ would love it if we got one order a day and that if we made $1000 a month we would be over the moon!  The day we stopped putting our own money into our business and were able to use the profits for it to buy more stock was the moment we knew that we really had something good going and was a huge milestone in our business.

The last couple of months have been crazy for us and it’s been hard to juggle full-time employment, and running a business. Two phrases I’ve learnt this year is knowing the difference between “working ON the business and working IN the business”. At the moment we’ve worked more in the business than on the business but hopefully in the next year or so we will be working towards eventually doing this full time, so we can work more on the business.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, find the passion. If you want to find the passion, set some goals.  Sacrifice is a big thing when running your own business. From the minute we get home from work we reply to emails, messages, create content and plan our next launch. In the middle of all that try and find balance and have time for each other. Our weekend now consists of photoshoots, creating content and planning for the next week.

We’ve come a long way and we have a long way to go.  We have grown close to so many of you. When you order from us we remember you. We remember your name and even a few months in between your orders we still remember you. We talk about you all the time. We have you in mind when picking out dresses for you.  We recently made the decision to only get dresses that go up to at least a size 18 rather than size 16 (like we used to). By doing this, the quantity of New Arrivals each week will be different but the quality won’t change. It is so hard to find comfortable, beautiful flattering dress that go up to at least a size 18 but that’s a challenge we are happy to take up. The feedback we get from you it makes it all worth it because you are worth it. (That was cringe but #yolo 😂)

We didn't think that we would make it at times but we did and we want to THANK YOU! Each share, review, purchase and piece of feedback has helped us grow. Our grow is sometimes slow and sometimes fast but we are on this roller coaster together. We can't wait to share with you the dresses that we have in the works and hope you all continue to support us and each other! ❤️

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Guys, your passion and personalities sell your business way more than your gorgeous dresses – which I also adore! I’ve made two orders with you (neither of which I’ve collected from my friends yet as I’ve been overseas and in quarantine) but I already love your business and what you’re all about. You’re real, friendly, relatable, down to earth – our world needs more people like you two in it! Best of luck with the future of L&G! X

Kelly Budding August 20, 2020

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