Who are Lacey and Gloria?

One of the first things I did when I decided that I wanted to follow my dream of owning an online dress store was to come up with a name that fitted perfectly. To be honest I thought at first that I wanted to incorporate my own name into the store name. I toyed with a few store names and even made logos for a few of them - but none of them felt right. 

At the time my Grandma Gloria was quite sick and I spent alot of time visiting her at home and then eventually at the hospital. One night, just before bed, my husband Billy was playing on the iPad. I could tell he was up to something because whenever he is he has a cheeky expression on his face. I asked him what he was doing and he turned the iPad to face me and I could see that he was working on logos. I looked closer and I could see my Grandma and Nana's name (Gloria and Frances). He had come up with a few store names with their names incorporated. After a few days of trying out how the names sounded I decided on Lacey and Gloria. Lacey was my Nana Frances' surname. 

My Grandma and Nana were both fiercely independent women. 

My Nana, Frances Lacey, looked like she belonged in the movies. She always had a perfect face of make-up and her hair always had some sort of curling action going on. She took such pride in how she looked. My Nana was also known for her cooking, especially her rissoles. No one in our family knows how to make the perfect rissole quite like she did. My Nana didn’t live near us. She lived in North Queensland so we would only visit about once a year. My Nana passed away when I was 10 years old so the time I got to spend with her was short. It wasn’t until a few years ago when our family was going through old photos with our Dad that we came across photos of my Nana when she was younger. My brother couldn’t believe the striking resemblance that I had to my Nana when she was younger. Do you see the resemblance?


Grandma Gloria always, and I mean always, dressed immaculately. I don’t think I ever saw her without a beautiful dress or skirt on. She had dresses that she would specifically wear to weed her perfectly manicured garden. My Grandma was a trained seamstress and taught it for many years at a sewing school in Brisbane. She was always making clothes, whether it was for herself, her children or her grandchildren. My Mum still has a dress that my Grandma made for her in the 70’s.

When we launched I visited my Grandma and told her all about it. I told her that she was a big influence in my passion for beautiful dresses. I let her know that her talent for dressmaking has always awed me since I was little. My Grandma couldn't respond, at that point she was going in and out of consciousness. Two weeks after we launched Lacey and Gloria, my Grandma passed away. 


Family has always been such a big part of my life (I am the youngest of 7 children) and spending time with my family brings me so much joy. Being able to open a store in the legacy of my Nana and Grandma has been one of my greatest achievements to date. My hope is that this store will help you remember those ancestors that have left a lasting impression on you and that you will help keep their legacy alive.

xx L&G

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I only discovered Lacey and Gloria this morning. Wow!! I love it. And you’re in Brisbane!! I live in Townsville NQ but I have a son in Brissie. I’ve been looking for affordable dresses like yours so I’m putting in an order. Congratulations!!

Julie-Ann McLeod November 18, 2020

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