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Lacey and Gloria.

Why that name? Who are Lacey and Gloria?

Growing up I was abundantly blessed to have a Nana (Frances Lacey) and a Grandma (Gloria McDonnell). Whilst they were vastly different from each other they shared one quality that stood out to me as a young child – the ability to always look immaculately beautiful. My Nana always had a perfect face of makeup on and her hair always looked like it had just come out a set of hot rollers. Ironically I look exactly like her and share her love of all things makeup (the hair thing I’m still working on). My Grandma was a trained seamstress and taught it for many years at a sewing school in Brisbane. She was always making clothes, whether it was for herself, her children or her grandchildren. My Mum still has a dress that my Grandma made for her in the 70’s. Grandma was always dressed in the most beautiful dresses and would have a “house dress” that she would wear to do the weeding in her perfectly manicured garden.

These two women both lived a large majority of their lives without their husbands. They were strong and independent women. They dressed up and wore beautiful clothes and makeup for themselves because it made them feel beautiful.

Family has always been such a big part of my life (I am the youngest of 7 children) and it brings me so much joy. Being able to open a store in the legacy of my Nana and Grandma has been one of my greatest achievements. My hope is that this store will help you remember those ancestors that have left a lasting impression on you and that you will help keep their legacy alive.

Lots of love,


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